• Since, women’s safety has always been an issue around the world; we share a few safety tips regarding women’s safety with you. These tips are great for all those women who return back home from work late night or love to shop alone or travel solo.

      • 1. If walking alone, being on the phone isn’t a good idea. Get off your cell phone, as chatting can distract you. It’s better to concentrate and be aware of your surroundings. Also, always hold your cell phone in your hand and be ready for a situation where you may have to make an emergency call. Almost every phone now has a button on the screen to dial emergency call immediately. You can also preset one of the buttons on your phone to call the emergency number.
      • 2. If someone tries to grab you by your hand, twist your arm up and down and yell. Do anything and everything to draw attention of people around towards you.
      • 3. When at the party, make sure you make your own drink and bring it with you everywhere, even if you have to rush to the bathroom. This may avoid drink spiking. If the bartender is making your drink, watch him as he or she pours your drink. Just to be extra safe.
      • 4. Whenever you check-in into a new place, check your smoke detector for a hidden camera, so that nobody could spy on you.
      • Some Essentials for Women Walking Alone at Night:

        • 1. Never wear a headphone. Your ears are an important piece for sensing danger.
        • 2. Always carry a Whistle with you. When walking alone at night, tie the whistle around your wrist or carry it in your hand instead of attaching it on your keychain and dumping it inside your bag.
        • 3. Walk in a comfortable footwear. There is nothing more vulnerable than having to run from an attacker in high heels. Flats, floaters or shoes can be the best option when you have to walk alone to your destination at night.
        • 4. It is always good to take Basic Self Defense lessons. Take a physical class, there’s nothing like hands on experience.
      • If you have more safety tips that every girl should know, please shout them out on our Cryobanks’ Facebook page from 21st November 2015 to 25th November 2015 as we are celebrating International Women Safety Day.Please join us to make our efforts a great success. You may also win amazing gifts. Hurry!! Contest starts soon!

      • BeSafeBeAware ladies!!!

    • Are you expecting twins? Congratulations! You are blessed with double happiness. Being a mother of twins could be a moment of pride, but at the same time very demanding. Twin pregnancy brings its own set of challenges and problems. Have you decided how to deal with them?

    • How are you going to prepare yourself for a twin birth? If you are expecting twins and don’t know what to expect or how to get yourself ready for it, then you are not the only one. There are many mommies who are pregnant with twins and have no clue what to expect. So, we are here to help you get a clear view on what you should be expecting from your twin pregnancy.

    • Things you need to know:

      • 1. Prenatal Care: Twin pregnancy always needs extra care, as it involves high risk of low birth weight and preterm birth, and other complications. As, twin pregnancy is more susceptible to anemia, you may need extra folic acid, vitamins and nutrients to keep your babies away from any kind of birth defects. You may be more uncomfortable when expecting twins because of the additional weight you carry. The chances of high gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, bleeding in pregnancy are some problems you may face during your twin pregnancy. To avoid this, you need special care at home as well as hospital.
      • 2. Pregnancy Symptoms: When expecting twins, you may feel more nauseous, severe heartburn, more tiredness, serious hemorrhoids, sore back, less lung capacity, difficulty in sleeping, etc. The minor singleton pregnancy symptoms may not be minor anymore when expecting twins.
      • 3. Frequent Checkups: The regular tests and checkups make sure that you and your twin babies come out healthy through the pregnancy. The twin pregnancy complications like high gestational diabetes and high blood pressure are kept under check with the help of additional testing and monitoring.
      • 4. Preterm Labor and Low Birth Weight: Preterm birth and low birth weight are common with twin pregnancy. Most pregnant mothers with twins go through the labor before 34 weeks with babies born weighing less than 2.5Kgs. These preterm births and low birth weight problems may cause health issues in babies such as respiratory issues, etc. But, a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy and a doctor specialized in twin pregnancy may help in reducing the risks of twin pregnancy to a greater extent.
      • 5. Labor and Delivery: The labor and delivery may come early with the twin pregnancy. Most women who are pregnant with twins experience labor at around 36 to 38 weeks. As you carry two babies in your uterus, there is a higher possibility of the babies being in a breech position, making the normal delivery difficult. In such situations, C-section delivery is a must. Thus, Cesarean section deliveries become more common in twin pregnancies.
      • 6. Support: Twin pregnancy is different from a singleton pregnancy. As it involves high risks and complications, an emotional support from your loved ones helps in gaining the courage to face all the odds. Joining a Twins & Multiples Club in neighborhood during pregnancy will not only provide you support but also help you get real and practical advice on twin pregnancy. You can also join online twins forums where you will get to interact with mothers who have already gone through the same situation.
    • Now that you are armed with all relevant information, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to survive a twin pregnancy.

    • Have a happy and healthy twin pregnancy!

    • Read more about pregnancy here: http://bit.ly/1OgJB2I

    • Excited about the news of your pregnancy? Wondering how your body would change? What you would wear? When do you need new clothes? What do you need? What size should you buy?

    • Now that you are pregnant, the wardrobe of yours is going to need more than a few changes. When it comes to buying maternity clothes, expecting moms should be aware of the importance of pregnancy shopping.

      The key points to be kept in mind while shopping for pregnancy clothes are comfort and style. Some dresses that you may feel perfect during the initial period of pregnancy may feel downright wrong by the end few months of pregnancy.

    • Here are some useful tips that will help you to face the unique fashion challenges that each trimester brings.


      The first trimester is generally the time when you would not like your pregnancy news to get public. So, you can opt for something which can cover up those few pounds you may gain in the first months of your pregnancy.

      A Half Moon Top with the Maternity Treggings may add richness and warmth to your wardrobe. A Silhouettes that flow over the belly, hips, and thighs, soft knits, A-line skirts, empire-waisted tops and frocks, wrap shirts and dresses, a “blouson” style tops paired with boot-cut stretch jeans are some of the dressing ideas that you can choose from during your first trimester.


      In your second trimester, you may face problems like every few weeks you may be a new size or your breasts may bust out all over.

      During this time, instead of blowing your money on new clothes every month, invest them on a few items like great and comfortable bras, nursing bras and dresses with ruche, tiebacks, buttons or gathering at the sides, and wraps. These types of dresses will let you adjust your clothing as your body changes and baby bump grows bigger.


      This time period of pregnancy not only makes you huge but also uncomfortable. Buttons and zippers may feel nothing less than a torture.

      In such situation, go for an Empire-waisted maxi dress. This ankle-length flowing knit dress can be worn even after your delivery. It’s also easy to wear. By this time, you definitely won’t be able to hide the bump, so flaunt it in a cute and comfortable shirt dress. This will help you stay classy and stylish even in your final pregnancy stage.

      High-waist belts, belly bands, shift dresses, shirts, maxi dresses, and flowy tops may be your best friends during pregnancy. Feel and look the best through each trimester of pregnancy with right maternity dress and your undying fashion sense.

    • The above tips will help you look and feel better during pregnancy. Enjoy this beautiful phase of your life.
      Happy pregnancyto all the expecting parents!

    • Celebrate Pregnancy with Cryobanks.

    • Read blogs related to pregnancy here.

    • Festival Season is just around the corner!

    • October is the time when the entire country is in the mood of celebration, high spirit and exuberance. The celebration and devotion start from the Navratis, Durga Pooja till Dussehra.

    • This festive season is the most awaited period of a year, and so Cryobanks India has put in the efforts to make the festival as grand as possible.

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    • Stem Cell Treatment has been an incredible discovery in the history of medical technology. It is also considered to be the future of medical technology. India has been very active in stem cell research and it uses, when compared to other countries. It has more rules and regulations governing stem cell researches.

    • Research done till now have proved that stem cells have the potential to treat various human diseases. Some researchers are still in their early stages, but in cases of Spinal Cord Injuries, thalassemia etc. It is prove to be effective therapy. The stem cells have the power of reproducing different types of cells and thus help in repair of many tissues & organs. They are:

    • 1. Embryonic Stem Cells or Fetal Stem Cells from aborted fetus
      2. Adult Stem Cells from tissues, skin and bone marrow
      3. Cord Blood Cells from the umbilical cord
      4. Adipose derived stem cells from Adipose tissue


    • Prevention Is Better Than Cure…

    • The only stem cell treatment majorly used in India for the time being is bone marrow transplantation & now Cord Blood derived Stem cells. Blood-forming stem cells in the bone marrow are used to cure blood cancers, such as leukemia. This life-saving technique has helped thousands people worldwide who had been suffering from blood cancer.

    • Stem cell researchers are exploring ways to treat numerous diseases. Here, look at some health problems that stem cells might someday cure or at least help treat:

      • • Haematopoietic stem cells, which are also known as blood-forming stem cells, can be used for treating blood disorders.
      • • Stem cells hold tremendous potential in curing Diabetes. People with type 1 diabetes, whose insulin-making pancreatic cells have been damaged, stem cell as a source of insulin-producing cells may be used for the treatment. The research is going on with a high pace & positive findings have been reported.
      • Osteoarthritis results when protective cartilage in joint breakdown. Stem cells could be used to rebuild the lost cartilage and repair the joints.
      • • Stem Cells can also be used to treat the burn victims. Instead of donor tissues, stem cells could be used to produce new and healthy tissues which might be used for skin transplantation.
      • • Stem cell research into heart disease has also shown some very positive result. Stem Cells have the potential of replacing many of the damaged heart tissue with healthy cells.
      • Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Lung diseases, Cancer, Spinal Cord Injuries, and Retinal Diseases, etc. are some other diseases in the list.
    • You may not be aware of potential stem cells have to treat even more diseases in the future. Scientists are working hard to learn about how stem cells can treat more serious diseases.


    • Due to the lack of awareness on stem cells and its treatment, people often get cheated by the fraud service providers. They take advantage of your ignorance, which might be harmful. So, this October, help us to spread awareness about the stem cell treatment by joining your hands with us.

    • Visit our Facebook page today, as we will share some very interesting facts and information about stem cells. Comprehend and share the information with your friends and family to spread the awareness.

    • Spread awareness and be safe.

    • Take Care!