• Some decisions can last a lifetime…. Preserve your baby’s stem cells!
    • Becoming a parent is a lifetime responsibility…

      Having a baby is one of the most emotional and fascinating moments in life. Parents do so much to prepare for their child’s birth and ensure their child’s life will be a healthy, happy one. Some recent medical innovations offer new possibilities to address previously unmet medical needs. Cord blood banking is one of the things they need to consider.

    • Cord blood banking to preserve your baby’s stem cells:

      Cord blood banking involves collecting blood left in your newborn’s umbilical cord and storing it for future medical use. Cord blood contains powerful lifesaving cells called stem cells. Cord blood is also used by Doctors to save lives today. Cord blood stem cell transplants have already changed—and saved—thousands of lives around the world. They have already been used to treat more than 75 diseases, including numerous types of malignancies, anaemia, inherited metabolic disorders and deficiencies of the immune system.

    • Stem cells are precious because they have the ability to develop into different kinds of cells within the human body. Stem cells are essentially the building blocks of the human body. Every stem cell has two main characteristics:

    • Cord blood stem cells are biologically younger and are more flexible compared to adult stem cells from other sources like bone marrow. They have:

      • Less risk of complications when used in transplants
      • Ability to use one’s own stem cells for conditions that currently lack medical treatment options, also known as “AUTOLOGOUS TRANSPLANTATION”
      • Immediately available and can minimize disease progression in early treatment

      Preserving them “STOPS THE CLOCK” and protects the cells from aging and being exposed to environmental factors and common viruses that can decrease their function.

    • Steps to store your Child’s stem cells…

      Steps in Cord Blood Banking

    • At Cryobanks, we have the passion and knowledge to assist you by offering the possibility to store your baby’s stem cells from umbilical cord tissue and cord blood. If you’d like further information, please contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you!
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    • The research for these cells has been found from decades and expanded to a great extent. Commonly it involves embryonic stem cells research and utilizes adult cells to cure the diseases and one of the major diseases cured by stem cells is the treatment of arthritis and osteoarthritis with stem cell preservation from long years.

    • Mesenchymal stem cells:

      Recent studies show a significant effect on arthritis and osteoarthritis. The potential treatment of stem cell for arthritis is probably overseen in a different way. It makes use of different properties of stem cells because the method of degeneration differs for these two forms of arthritic treatments like some stem cells are used for regenerative abilities and other to regulate immune system of the body.

    • After applying such therapies to patients, positive feedbacks have been achieved from those who were undergoing isolated health problems. Although, this treatment was not the reason to cure the diseases at initial stage and do not demand any evidence to apply treatment, yet they have reported significant relief after going through such therapies.

    • Treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis can be differentiated into bone, gristle and many other cell types. It holds a great potential for easing the pain for osteoarthritis in joints and regenerates the damaged tissues.

    • Intravenous stem cell therapy:

      This type of stem cell therapy uses hematopoietic cells and for number of years it has been extensively used in veterinary medicines. Stem cell preservation from many years also helps in the treatment of arthritis and osteoarthritis in companion animals are injected directly into the damaged joints. Again the results for such diseases have proven much more effective for reducing the autoimmune attacks that are coherent with RA, inhibit the swelling and pain and finally endorses regeneration of active tissues.

    • Along with the ability to derive stem cells from patients, it has also become an opener for possible treatments and in fact, without any use of human embryonic or cord blood stem cells. These cells are less promptly obtainable and bogged down in some principled arguments.

    • For many parents, the process of collecting and preserving their newborn’s cord blood is new. The more you learn about cord blood banking, the more you realize how easy it is to be done. To collect or preserve cord blood is a very simple process and painless procedure that can occur after a vaginal delivery or caesarean section. Once registered, you will receive a kit with everything you and your doctors need to collect cord blood successfully. You keep your kit with your pre-packed hospital bags so it will be ready when your big day comes.

    • Umbilical cord is a special bond between mother and son who nurtures, protects and plays an essential role in the growth and development of children during pregnancy. Now you can keep this link for life for the future health of your loved ones. Removing the umbilical cord is not harmful to the baby and the blood that are normally discarded as medical waste.

    • When the baby is born, your obstetrician or midwife clamp and cut the wire and then collect the cord blood. Blood flows in the gravity of the bag, until it stops. The collection usually takes two to four minutes. After the cord blood was collected, the blood bag is fastened, sealed and clearly marked for easy identification. Cord blood of the baby will be shifted to a treatment facility by medical courier for preservation and storage. The process for collecting and preservation of cord blood is depends on the families that which cord Blood Company they decided. For example cryobanksindia.com one of the best cord blood bank in India, on this site you just fill your basic details and they will send you free information kit on cord blood banking along with brochures, video and fact sheets.

    • The blood of your baby’s cord is a rich source of stem cells that are genetically different from your baby and your family. These cells function as stem cells of the dominant position, contributing to the development of all tissues, organs and body systems.

    • Families who enjoy banking, they have the peace in their mind knowing that the cord blood of their child is available if needed for a medical transplant can never arise.

    • At the time of childbirth, the blood obtained from the umbilical cord is called as Cord Blood. After detaching the cord from the newborn baby, it is extracted from the fetal end of the cord. The cryopreservation of accumulated cord blood is carried out at -196°C & then piled up in a cord blood bank for future transplant. For the storage of umbilical cord blood stem cell and Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cell, stem cell banking offers a unique opportunity for these.

    • Stem cells are undifferentiated cells which can be self renewed to an indefinite extent through cell division. These cells can also be distinguished into more mature cells with specific functions. Presently, the stem cells of Cord blood cells are used for the treatment of more than 75 hostile diseases.

    • This cryopreservation process accompanies many risks. For proper preservation and to avoid damage of stem cells, the solution concentration must be correct. The tissue cooling process must be at very less temperature otherwise the water in the tissues goes out and form ice in the extra cellular fluid space and as a result the ice could damage the cell membranes as a reflex action. Moreover, cellular dehydration may be caused due to water migration that can again lead to the damage of cells.

    • Before placing the cells into the deep freeze stage in liquid nitrogen, stem cells are freeze down through programmable steps in machines. On the other hand, the technique of Vitrification claims to cryopreserve the samples. This process is carried out to negate the damaging effects of ice crystal pattern. Before the process of cooling, the technique uses cryoprotectants to increase the viscosity and avoids the solution from the formation of crystallized ice.

    • The procedure for stem cell is an easy, non-persistent and painless one. The stem cells therapies are widely used for major treatments on demand. It hardly takes 10 minutes to bio-check the lives of your near and dear ones. Umbilical cord blood banking in India has been extended on to a large scale and the samples are stored at internationally accredited labs.