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Cryobanks International India

Cryobanks International India a JV between Lifeforce Cryobanks International USA and RJ Corp founded in 2006. The company is focused on providing high-quality umbilical cord blood stem cell processing, and storage for both private and public donation purposes. Based at Gurgaon with networks in all the towns of India provides a high end processing and storage technology which are approved by International authorities. Cryobanks India has spread beyond the shores to Thailand,UAE,Nepal ,Bangladesh and East Africa making it the only India Cord Blood bank available in International Market. Cryobanks India has set up 28,000 square feet, state-of-the-art stem cell processing and banking facility in Gurgaon Haryana. The company is working towards national and international collaborations to provide the “best of class” facilities in stem cell industry in India. Cryobanks India follows the “Closed bag” collection method for harvesting cord blood stem cells which greatly reduces the possibility of contamination of cord blood and uses technology Accredited by AABB and other global certifications.

Life Force Cryobanks International USA. a pioneer in the collection, isolation, and storage technologies for cord blood stem cells, is located in Altamonte Springs, Florida. The company is focused on providing high-quality umbilical cord families that wish to privately store their baby’s precious stem cells and a Public Cord Blood Donation Program for those who prefer to donate. Lifeforce Cryobanks consistently uses the same superior methodology to ensure safety, purity and potency of every cord blood unit. The procedures, from collection to cryopreservation, are approved and regulated by the FDA and the AABB. In addition, it follows the Standards established by the National Marrow Donor Program® and are licensed in the states of New York, California, New Jersey and Maryland.

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