Cord Blood

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About umbilical cord blood cells

About umbilical cord blood cells After delivery, the umbilical cord is detached from the new-born baby. The blood left in this cord has hematopoietic (blood) stem cells, which can be used for treating many diseases. The collection process is very easy and painless, with no harm to the child or the mother. These cells are very rare; they are also found in bone marrow.

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Comparison between cord blood cell and bone marrow cell transplants

Comparison between cord blood cell and bone marrow cell transplantsStem cell research has helped in curing many life-threatening diseases. The use of these cells is limitless; they have the ability to regenerate themselves for curing the withered cells in the affected area in the human body. With the increase in the use of these cells, there are many questions regarding the difference between cord blood cells and bone marrow cells.

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Some of the best features of cord blood stem cells

Some of the best features of cord blood stem cellsThe popularity of cord blood stem cells is increasing day by day. These cells have the magical power to rebuild the withered tissues of any patient’s body. Problems related to blood, immune systems, etc. can be cured by using them. According to medical researchers, they have emerged as the best option to bone marrow transplants for treating cancerous or hereditary diseases.

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Know the facts of Cord Blood Banking

In the ultra modern world of sciences, we have seen numerous advancements for treatment of some serious diseases and other health problems which include some controversial and forefront technologies. These technologies involve around stem cell banks and their unlimited potential for treatment of critical illnesses. At this point, let us take a look at one of the major concern i.e. cord blood banking.

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Importance of Cord blood banking

Cord blood banking has become a topic of discussion among the masses. People are willing to know more and more about these banks, and about their process and facilities. Couples expecting babies are educating themselves regarding these banks and the future advantages of storing the cords. If you are expecting, storing his/her cord can be the most priceless gift you can give to your baby. With the advancement in medical science, investing money in these cord banks is totally worth the high price.

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