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Parents Talk

Ms. Anjali Bhardwaj

Becoming parent is a journey which starts with joy and has it’s own share of anxious moments. Like all would be parents, we also were doing ample research during my pregnancy. During this period, we came across many new ideas and concepts. One such concept to catch our thoughts was Cord Blood Banking through Umbilical Cord.

When we heard about the concept of Stem Cell, we were spell bound by the futuristic medication this option brings about. Obviously, we also wanted the best for our child and there started the process of identifying a suitable organization who could store our child’s stem cell. While doing the search, we came across various organizations but one name stood aside the crowd. It was Cryobanks International India Pvt. Ltd. When we made call to their toll free number, we came across a professional team who handled all kind of queries quite well.

What made Cryobanks stand apart was the punctuality of the Relationship Executive (Not just a gimmick in name, it really looked like the guy was building a relation). The executive took us through the details of the company, technology, benefits and future options available with Stem Cell Banking. The way entire concept was shared made even technically wanting person like me also aware of the concept and all mine and my family’s doubts were rested. To add to the icing on the cake, the executive also shared the payment plans and reflected to what we can say, true customer delight when he shared the flexible options company has for clients.

All in all, it was a happy and learning process of enrolling with Cyobanks. Our best wishes to the company and it’s team who are working so hard to make life easy for parents like ours.